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At the very outset, Jengraimukh College was established in 1973 in a remote and underdeveloped area called Jengraimukh under Majuli district of Assam. The college is a product of the efforts taken by the local people who strive to achieve all round development through education. The college was granted permission by the University in the year 1973 and Shri. Indreswar Pegu became the first principal. Since then, the institution became one of the epitomes of education in the largest inhabitat island in the world. The primary aim of the college has always been to impart quality education to the students of the area, majority of whom belongs to the tribal communities.
On the other hand, the wrath of nature like the devastating flood had greatly hampered the inspiring hope and enthusiasm of the students. However the catastrophe did not deter many from achieving their goals as the college has played a very meaningful role by encouraging the students community and their wards. The institution has also developed the practice of assisting the economically under privileged students with financial support and this has indirectly paved way for the educational campaign among the tribal mass in the area.

The college has also earned a name by recording an outstanding performance in the field of NCC (National Cadet Corps). The Cadets have brought laurels to the college by showing laudable performances at many levels. Besides these, the overall pass percentage of the college in the university examinations during the last five years was around 70%. The college has also been selected by the UGC under 12th five year plan as “Community College” for the introduction of a programme called ‘Food Processing and Preservation ‘ which further helps in the development of skills and employability of the students.

The Govt of Assam, office of the Deputy Commissioner, Garamur, Majuli, Assam felicitated and certified a Tobacco Free Educational Institution on 15th August, 2017, on the occasion of the 71st Independence day at Kachari Maidan, Garamur. As per Sec. 6 (B) of COTPA 2003. no body is allowed to use tobacco products within the campus and within 100 yards of this educational institute.

Social service is very important. National Social Service (NSS) since the inception of Jengraimukh college actively participate in the field of flood, drought, preservation of forest, re-organization of rural India, adult education, national integration and organized camp for the same. It also actively participates in the Swatch Bharat Abhijan, i.e. cleanliness of the college and its surrounding areas.

In view of the fact, accordingly, many teachers of the college have also pursued higher studies in the field of research works which have enhanced the personal knowledge of the teachers and at the same time created a ground for creativity.
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