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Jengraimukh, Jengraimukh, one of the epicenters of tribal India, comprised mainly of Mising and Deori Tribes, was an area totally backward explicitly in economic and education fronts. On account of the gaps of transportation and communications due to the barricade of its natural boundaries, people of this vast locality could not send their children for Higher Education. Lack of education degenerates the sense of economic, Social and Political awareness, i.e total fall from a nobler state. Keeping this view in mind, to create a general awareness for higher education, a brainstorming idea came in to the mind of a few leading fellows. To translate this grand hypothesis into actually, some leading personalities of locality came to the fore and extend their assistance. Arrangements were made for other infrastructures thus, the beacon light for Tribal people in the auspicious name of Jengraimukh College appeared into reality in the year 1973.
Apart from playing its main role of imparting proper education to the learners, the distinctive features of the institution lie in the fact that it relates itself to the social behaviour of the region and that way it enlivens the cultural identity and altogether activates people here to link up their cultural aspects with the other region and exchange with them. They are made aware of their educational as well as economic faculties and they are particularly made conscious of their problems so that they can be able to overcome the difficulties that come along the way.
Though the College falls in the area where a chain of problematic factors can be counted, yet to bounce in the right direction with creative steps in totality, is the leading challenge before the institutions and the institution will have the Endeavour to meet the challenges by developing its compass of magnitude and tackle each and every point that falls in sight so, as to enable itself to make pace with the changing tempo.
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